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UONUMA Tour for IUJ Graduate '03
---Bull Fighting, Nishikigoi and Handweaving

Twelve IUJ graduates and eight UMEX members have joined UONUMA tour on 22nd of June, 2003. Fortunately it was a perfect and beautiful weather even in the rainy season.

First, we visited bullring in gYAMAKOSHIh village.  Although we could only saw inexperienced bullfight match at first, it gradually became more exciting than the first half of it just like SUMO (Japanese wrestling).

The international students expected violent and bloody match such as the one in Spain, however Japanese-style bullfighting never let bulls go on the match until they gets hurt because we believe them as a member of family. We can glance into Japanese mentality here, canft we?

Then we visited gOJIYAh city where is famous for a Nishikigoi (Living Jewels).

In the Nishikigoi Center, the person in charge explained the species and the markings. To our astonishment, there were 1 meter-long one or JINMENGYO (a human face looking carp) of the three hundred.

We even saw a beautiful carp owned by Ms Yoshiko Mita (Japanese actress). Finally, we tried handweaving coaster in the craft center at OJIYA city.

We firmly believe that IUJ graduates have made wonderful memories through this tour.
More exciting tour to come soon! Come and join us!!!
See you then!

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